Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home Ties

Fireworks! Freedom! Ice Cream! Music!  
Oh I love summertime and
I'm pretty sure I said that yesterday.
But still, it's great!
& it's actually not 10million degrees today.

I honestly can't believe the 4th of July is this weekend. 
I can't help but feel like Summer is passing me by quicker than I know. 
We need to be working on the house and the yard, but
when it's sooo pretty out, I do not want to be inside on the weekends.
Jennifer says when you have kids, you will wonder what you 
did with all your time before then, because you are always busy with them....
Well, I already feel that way about our house :) 
It's never ending work to keep it clean and fix things 
and today I was thinking, what did we do before we had a house to keep?

I plan to do a post about how our house looked when we bought it
and how it looks now...only it's still kinda a work in progress.
I want to have all my pictures put up and such before I start
flashing the camera around.
But, I am really happy with our little house.
It is evolving to be a great home.  

In a few weeks or maybe months, I am going to start on my craft room!
I love to scrapbook, make cards and crafts. 
Michael gets a huge garage to work in so,
I get the spare room to use as a craft room. 
Here are some pictures of what I dream it will look something like... 

So organized

 I love it! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous 4th and gets to see 
some pretty fireworks. I may post again tomorrow, but
just wanted to say it in case I didn't. 

I leave you with some Maggie pictures. 
She stayed with Mom & I miss her!

This is the day we were moving my stuff....
she thought we were leaving her and she
kept jumping in the truck and would not get out.
So sweet...dogs are so loyal, mostly anyways :) 

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