Monday, July 19, 2010

A Case of The Mondays

today, i just can't get motivated to do anything.
i guess ive got the mondays.

oh but this morning i saw our clinical schedule for school was posted
and i realized that i need to quit looking for cute crafty projects
and just do some before school starts and its too late!  
so be on the lookout for some things this week,
as i realllly hope to get to it! 
well the lovely family reunion went well.
i found out that its been going for 17 years :)
great food, great conversation & fun games!

3 legged race with Kaylee.

We passed all the boys & won!
*note: kaylee's foot found a hole in the sack, but i dont call that cheating :)

 michael and big E with their partners :)

 & they got last...poor guys! 

wow, now that is over with.
this week is 2 of my favorite girls birthdays!
my mom & emily

im pretty excited to make them a pretty card and such. 

anyways-that's all for now.
i hope everyone has a great monday!

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{ps: i did right a friday favorites blog, but i didn't post about it on FB
so check it out if you missed it.}

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