Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drift Away

it's wednesday
is the week really half gone?
oh well, that means the weekend is well on it's way!

last night we went to the atv rodeo deal @ the fair.
it was so much fun!
michael raced and i got to catch up with friends :)
i dont have any pictures to post, sadly. 
i was too busy talking and videoing for michael.
but here is michael & his 4wheeler about a month ago
when we first got it. 
 yeah he will kill me when he finds out i put this on here.
oh well.
all the other pictures of it are b&w and i love the yellow!
*sorry it's a terrible pic, from the blackberry.
have you noticed the changes in my blog?
the new title image and new fonts?
html codes are a pain, but it's worth the cuteness i think.

okay, onto more exciting stuff.
over the next few days...
i have a few questions for you!
so instead of just reading this blog, today i would 
love some input.

i would like know...
what is the best vacation you have ever taken?
tell me what made it so great?
attractions, scenery, food, hotel?
its great to hear others experiences because it helps
with future decisions! 

& here is my answer:
the vacation i have been on,
(since i have been old enough to remember anyways) 
would have to be Virginia Beach
it was a beautiful beach.
things that made the trip so great:
-the people i went with, of course, mom, scott and michael.
-the places we ate: we asked the locals a lot.
-deep sea fishing 
-busch gardens

-sun bathing
-a relaxed schedule (who wants to be rushed on vacation?!)

all in all it was a great trip. 
we went last year i think?
anyways leave a comment & tell me about the 
best vacation you have ever taken.
i appreciate it!

thanks for reading & have a blessed day!

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thanks in advance :)



  1. Jessica,
    I really enjoy reading your blogs. You are a gifted writer and I find this site a blessing to read.
    Now on to one of our favorite vacation spots. Nick and I were blessed to travel to Jackson Hole, WY the summer of 2008 with his Mom and Dad.
    We seen it all...snow on the Tetons, a moose (having a baby), mountain goats, buffalo, elk, dear, a wolf eating a baby buffalo :( that was kinda sad, and a bear. I have great pictures and wonderful memories.
    Needless to say, it was a vacation great memories and wonderful company.

  2. Great post! I think my favorite vacation ever was a boating trip to Eastern WA...we went to a couple different lakes and my whole family was there so it was a blast!