Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Take The Scenic Route

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i hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.
we had a blast. 
we rode about 500 miles on the bike this weekend 
and saw some beautiful places.

I just love barns!

this is where we went yesterday and it was soo pretty! 

 gorgeous mountains

it was great!
but we were gone 11 hours yesterday
& of course we stopped from time to time, 
but mostly it was all riding
and we were worn out. 

i wish i had something interesting to say, but i really don't.
i just wanna say that i enjoy the scenic route.
i like back roads and no traffic.
sometimes i feel like im so busy with whatever
that i don't look around at the beauty of the things around me.
& no matter if the interstate will get ya there
hours sooner, i will always prefer the long-way. 
God is so amazing.

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