Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ten Things!

today's blog is inspired by 
& her amazing post about 
10 things to smile about this month! 

sometimes it's very easy to think about things that make us:
mad, frustrated, angry, unhappy.
but i like to think about the things that 
just make me smile!
so here are my....
10 things to smile about this month:

1. that i have amazing parents, who loves me endlessly. 

2. that me & my new husband are loving married life!

3.  that even though summer break is almost over, 
i'm going back to nursing school! something i wanted more than anything!

4. having this blog makes me smile, mostly. 
i am so blessed to be able to write, which is my favorite
& have great readers like you that read it!

5. Jesus & all he does for me.

6. picnik & all the great things it does. 
& that i can make my pictures look like this :)

7. my sweet dog maggie, 
even though she lives with mom, she makes me smile! 

8. craft projects like this one at the 
hungryhippie that i can't wait to try!

9. my family reunion, which is super fun 
& this picture of michael with his 3-legged race partner.

10. & finally- looking at pictures like this one-

 me & michael when we first started dating.
we rode alllll the time.
we still do when we can, but this was before responsibility :)

Well that's it.
10 great things that really make me smile.
Have a blessed day! 




  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Your sweet puppy is so cute!

  2. Great list! It is fun being a newlywed, enjoy it! Love the editing on the picnik picture. And love number five.

    Thanks for linking up

  3. Your blog is darling - I'm so glad I linked w/ Emmy and found you. I think your list is really great and that dog is WAY too cute!

  4. Thank you all for the sweet comments :)

  5. That wedding photo cracked me up Lol!

    How many of us feel just like that but keep a silly grin on our faces for the camera. Loved it!

    Thanks for finding me today. I'm following you back :)