Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

i hope everyone has a great weekend.
i sure did, but it went by soo fast.

so, i have to say that i was half way thru my 
friday favorites on friday when
michael comes in and tells me come on
wanting me to drop everything as always and 
go somewhere with him.
so i did & then i did some grocery shopping
and by the time i got back home i had to 
make my shower gifts for my cousin & actually 
never got back online. 
so i do apologize, but today i have some goodies to show you! 

it was my cousin's baby shower on saturday & 
i craft(sorta) her gifts!
first thing i made was a cute wipe case:
i just mod-podged some pretty scrapbook paper
to this thing of wipes and then cut out the words on the cricut
in vinyl and added a ribbon and flower
i really was happy with how it turned it out!
next thing i made was a
diaper cake (sorta)
it looked more like a leaning tower of diapers! haha

all in all it was pretty for my first time!
i read some directions online, but found that i didn't have
any of the stuff. 
so i winged it.
i would've done a tutorial, but i was in a hurry & i believe that shows!
but basically i just used a 36 count pack of diapers
and wrapped them around a bottle of baby wash.
and just tied a ribbon around them tight and then put the black ribbon
around that for decoration and cut the words 
baby girl on my cricut and added some curly ribbon.

the last thing I did was make a cute baby card.

which is basically all from the stretch your imagination cartridge for cricut
and i added the rub-on sweet baby and a cute flower.
all in all, she was happy and i thought it turned out
pretty good to have been done the night before! 
here she is opening them:
have a great monday! 

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  1. Those diaper cakes look way too complicated, which is why I've never tried making one. Yours first try at them came out looking a lot better than mine would've I'm sure! I really love the idea to cuten up the diaper wipes case. Mine it past that stage but I've got a few containers that I use to keep her crayons etc in them. I think labeling them for their new life as "junk" containers would be great!

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  3. New follower from MGM! The wipee case is adorable!!!

  4. I love the idea of decorating a wet wipe case so cute! I need to do that for my son. Thanks for linking up. Jenn

  5. Cute Cute Cute!! I love being creative through others.

    New Follower!

  6. The gifts were amazing. :) Thank you so much Jess. --emily

  7. Such beautiful & thoughtful gifts! You have so many creative ideas!! Next week I'm having a PRETTY PACKAGES PARTY. I hope you'll stop by and share some of talent. You can pick up a button to keep as a reminder!

  8. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. That Cricut machine really makes everything above the top. Great job on the diaper cake. I have not done one either because it appears to be too complicated. I know your friend loved all the thoughtful gifts you made!!

  9. Great job! I'm sure she loved everything, especially because of the love you put into them!

  10. Love the wipe case! I made one with fabric but I do like this paper one!! Fabulous job!

  11. Fantastic ideas! I've got a few baby showers coming up, so I'm going to try something similar - thanks for sharing!!

  12. I think you did a great job!

  13. I think you did a great job! Everything turned out so cute!! Glad to have found your blog, I'm now following you! Hope you'll swing over to mine sometime :)

  14. Cute ideas! You did great on the diaper cake. Check out my diaper cake tutorial sometime if you are looking for one. :)

    Or here's another one...

    I think yours is great though! I like the "baby girl" embellishment.