Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's A Random Thursday!

wow, it's thursday!
the weekend is getting here, slowly but surely.
i have thought and thought about what to post today...
actually i was awake in the middle
of the night visiting my good friend insomnia :(
& thinking about what to post today, kept running thru my head.
well i decided to just go with randomness.
i mean, who doesn't love random?!
so to start...
i am participating in these great blog hops today! 

The Two Savvy Sisters

i have already found some new great blogs
and hopefully visitors will like this one as well.

now, a few items from my wishlist.
there's nothing wrong with wishing is there?

oh how i would loveee to have a pink apple :) 

 this beauty would be nice too, canon rebel!

i luv fisheye pictures...maybe one day i'll get a fish eye lens.

okay....enough wishing already.
if you have any of this products, let me know how you like them :)

currently, im trying to talk michael into going to
dollywood splash country!
it's a wonderful water park & it's been stinkin' hot here lately!
when school starts back, i know that i will have zero time
so i think we should have some fun til' then.
i looked at disney tickets yesterday,
for a trip we are thinking about taking in december
&  wowee they are pretty steep! 
but it would be greatt fun!
if you can't tell i luv theme parks
& so does michael, so it usually take 
much to talk him into it!

have a blessed thursday! 
& i'll leave ya with this


  1. Thanks for stopping by - I'm following you back! And I LOVE my rebel. My hubby bought it for my birthday last year :) Are you in TN? We were at my mother in law's wedding in Gatlinburg in early June!

  2. Great! I hope that I can get one for Christmas maybe :) & yes I'm in TN. I love to go to Gatlinburg, it's a lot of fun. I'm about an hour and a half away from there.

  3. My Apple's not pink, but I love it anyway. I dabble in graphic design on the side, so it's awesome for that. I also have a Canon Rebel T2i, and I can't really even handle the thought of going back to my point & shoot, even when it's a pain to carry the DSLR. It just makes such a difference!

    I've only been to Splash Country once (for shame, living in Knoxville!), but I LOVED it. Dollywood at Christmas time is my favorite, though...

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  5. I'm coming over from BUZZ on by Thursday. I just signed myself up on your list of followers.

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  6. Hi, I am new follower from Thursday's Friends. I look forward to reading more of your blog

  7. I have the Canon Rebel EOS... I got it for Christmas this past year, and I am in love with it. I have always been a die-hard Canon fan(last 4 cameras have all been Canon), but this is a whole new adventure! My sister has the MacBook Air and she is addicted to it! Here's hoping that one day you can have both!

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  9. Hi. I am a new follower from Friendly Friday Follow. Your blog is great. I will be back. I love finding other Christ followers here! Blessings...

  10. I am following you right back! I have a silver Apple...husband hand me would be awesome! And my husband has a fish eye funny! Have a great weekend!

  11. What a sweet blog you have!!

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