Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Favorites

it's still friday!
i thought i may not get to post today because
i was busy with my wedding pictures :)
i got em back last night 
& im really loving them.
friday favorite number one is
my favorite wedding pictures...
i can't pick just one,
so here is 3 & they still may not be my favorite. haha
me & jenn. it's just a great picture
& i love her!

i just love this one, although michael says his legs look skinny, haha.

ha. our lovely bridal party. i love them all & this jumping picture!

yeah my favorites are black & whites. they're just classic.

next favorite.
is my favorite summer holiday...
family reunion of course!
i talked about it earlier in the week, but it's definitely a favorite
3rd saturday of every july and tomorrows the day :)

circa 2008, goofy. 

hmm what else?
favorite recipe of the week :)
tonite i made baked ziti & it was amazing.
get the recipe here

oh yea & i saw this quote this week 
on vinyl for your laundry room wall and i lovee it:
"I'm thankful for the piles of laundry, it means my blessings are nearby."
i complain about laundry, like all the time.
mostly because michael  wears two sets of clothes a day.
one to work and then showers and a different set.
so his laundry seems to always be piling up, but
when i saw this quote, i was like, wow how true?!

there's nothing else that's really a favorite this week.
not that i can think of anyways. 
all i know is life is sweet & God is good, all the time.
as the eagles say "it may be rainin', but there's a rainbow above us"
im blessed beyond measure, that's all i know.
i hope everyone has an amazing weekend.
keep coming back!
in the mean time, ill try and think of something interesting
to say next time :) 

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