Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Days

wowee, thursday already?
where does the time go?

well this morning i made me some coffee
for the first time in months
because i finally bought some french vanilla creamer yesterday
(my favorite)
& now im currently on my second cup.
i have missed morning coffee dearly.
boring, right...i know, but its a big thing for me.
anyways so today is july 15
& last night i was like "hey michael,
tomorrow is the 15th, you know what that means?"
he proceeded with the typical answer
"that julys half over"
haha no.
we have been married for 2 months :)
"oh yea I knew that"
sure ya did.

 first picture we made together.
doing what we love best.
we weren't even dating here.
we went to windrock & rode all day.
i was soo nervous because we rode together.
& my dad was like, let me take you guys picture together
& i was embarrassed, but now im glad he did! 
that was over 4 years ago.

i feel like talking a little bit about married life thus far.
it's actually great.
i know that's boring and you want me to say 
how we fight all the time & blah blah, but we don't.
we just enjoy each others company.
sure, it's not perfect, but i wouldn't want it to be. 
where i lack, he makes up for it and vice versa.
i feel so blessed to have a christian husband that 
i have so much in common with. 
i do miss my mom though.
it makes me sad to think about it, but i talk to her everyday
sometimes more than once. 
but i still miss her a lot.

i haven't blogged this week because i planned to post
about some things and i wanted to post some older pictures.
well when i reset my computer i put all my pictures on a USB
which is now missing. not happy about it.
so i decided it apparently isn't showing up anytime soon,
so i should forget about it.

now, this weekend is bowman family reunion! 
you know what that means?
lots of family, kids cane pole fishin, food, horseshoes, basketball, pinatas...aka funtimes!
especially if your a kid,
but even if your not, it's a blast. 

since my pictures are lost, 
this is the only one i could find.
these are my adorable little cousins with their cane poles! 

last post i mentioned i got a sewing machine.
im sure your thinkin ive sewed my little heart out by now.
haha nope.
it seems to be a little more complicated than i thought,
but i'm working on it.
we had vbs at church this week, so no time for sewing.
the house is kinda messy and have come home exhausted every night.
i had ages 0-4 & man they are full of energy.
it was a great time though  & im super glad we did it. 

tonite we get our wedding pictures back!!
im soo excited to see them!
so you know what to expect tomorrow :) 
sorry, i don't have anything more interesting to say, typical.
thanks for taking the time to read this.
i really do enjoy it, even if no body read it...
i'd still blog. 
im just a writer at heart.
  saw this the other day & loved it.
my favorite college teacher always said
you speak life or death into a situation.
& this is kinda the same thing...
i choose not to live in a hostile environment
& i avoid conflict at all cost.

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