Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Favorites

it's friday! wooohooo!

i seriously wrote a long blog out yesterday, 
but my crazy computer wouldn't post for reason.
so, i save it for another day because
i decided to do something a little different today! 

i love blogs.
like sorta addicted to reading them.
especially craft blogs! 
but one i follow is A few of My Favorite Things
her name is jessica too
and she has the cutest things on there.
so, being inspired
on fridays im going to post my
Friday Favorites.
just things that i happen to be loving this week.
sometimes there maybe a theme and others totally random.
either way may be you will enjoy it!

this week i finally decided to clean up the craft room.
its kinda the junk room for now b.c. were still putting things up, 
but i got to thinkin that school with start back soon and i need to get
to scrapbooking and crafting.


& after!
it still is a long way from finished, but at least i can find my stuff.
oh yeah and check out these labels i made
from vinyl on the cricut...

 next is my little notes notebook that i made
out of all scrapbook paper scraps!

& now the inside

next, friday favorite is a blog that i love...
and its actually not a craft a blog, 
but a coupon/deals blog!
Hip2Save is such a great site!
she posts so many good deals a day plus every week, 
she lets you know what are the best sales at the stores.

Hmm....I guess that's about all my favorites for this friday
But I have saved my very most favorite for last!!
yep my newest toy!
i know it's not a big fancy-smancy one,
but i am sew excited! haha
there are so many projects 
that ive been wanting to do
& now, once i get this sewing thing down,
i can do them! 

thanks for reading & have a wonderful weekend.
new comments, followers and subscribers are always appreciated. 


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  1. when you get the sewing thing down, you've gotta teach me! :)