Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's in a name?

today is nothing special.
well, really everyday is special because we are still here to enjoy it.
hence, the name
life's good, be happy!

today as i was mowing the yard, i was thinking
where in the world did i come up with life's good, be happy?
& why didn't i make it bee happy, so i could have a cute little bee?
well, let me break it down and give you a few lines of back ground 
about this blog.

this blog is only about 8 months old.
i started it actually on january 8, 2010.
i actually started it to write about wedding planning
& my new adventure in nursing school that was about to begin.
soon after that school started and between being extremely busy with that
and planning a wedding for may 15, i had no time to blog.
also, my blog's name then was
student-nurse, bride-to-be.
haha, kinda corny now that i think about it,
but i had good intentions.
when i got out for summer break, i decided it was time to get
this thing back rolling.
only the name didn't suit it anymore.
but i really wanted to blog again and expand on it.
i seriously love writing, it's my passion.
i could write all day & really wouldn't care if anybody read it.
so the more i thought about it, the more I thought okay...
what's my quote?
my theme?
what do i live my life by?

& the truth is...
i am so blessed.
i mean i have so much more than i deserve.
God has been so amazing to me and my family.
& when i get down i wonder what i have to be happy about?
but, really life is so good.
if i had nothing-life would still be good.
because i have peace in my soul
& a heavenly father, who watches over me and comforts me.
so...that's it!
life's good, be happy!

i just felt like sharing that with you today :)
i don't have any new crafts, sadly or any fun blog hops.

but i finally completed my Day Zero Project.
check out the details of what it is here
but it is basically 101 things you want to do in 1001 days. 
i was inspired to do this when i saw it on
i love this blog! it is soo cute, you should check it out!
 also, you can check out my 101 things
under the page project day zero at the top!

well, thats it for today!
have a happy thursday!
im going to the fair tonite 
& tomorrows friday, yipee!!


  1. I think it is awesome to get to read people's stories like this. To see the round about way people come up with their blog titles and subjects. Congrats on the wedding (late) and good luck with nursing school! I have often thought about getting into it myself.

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower! Cute blog, I love your theme!

  3. I LOVED this post of yours! I think it is great that you changed your blog title to fit the changes of your life. And if you want it to say "Bee Happy," I'm sure you could add that in- Life's Good, Bee Happy, and no one would even notice because you would just be adding one letter. Haha! Thank you for your nice comments on my post today. Have a great night!

  4. I like your blog name a lot. My blog has changed a lot too, since when I first started it. Thanks for sharing and I am glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! Love it.