Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday is my Favorite!

i'm pretty sure it's my favorite day of the week.
but im starting the day off pretty sleepy because
it was late last night when we got in from the races.
but it was a lot of fun & im pretty excited about going back tonite.

anyways, onto some friday fun!
first up is:
friday 5 from
Just Me and My Life

 & this week's theme is
5 things you miss about being a kid.

1. i miss playing outside!!
i used to love going outside in the summer and playing all day-
in the sandbox, in the pool or just in the yard!
this is my nephew andrew playin' in the pool.
he's a cutie!

2. i miss sleeping late.
when i was kid, i slept til 9 or 10 everyday when i wasn't in school.

3. i miss the innocence.
when i was kid, i believed whatever i was told.
i believed in the tooth fairy, easter bunny, etc..
& i miss how exciting it made things.

4. i miss my toys!!
haha. i loved barbies and legos and such.
i would play for hours :)
yep, that'd be me & my legos.

5. finally i miss my family.
when i was kid our family was closer.
as time goes on, things change and families get busy
with their own things & my family is still fairly close,
i just miss sleepovers with my cousins and things like that.

now here are some of my friday favorites!
just a few things im lovin' this week:

anne taintor pictures.
i think these things are hilarious.

glass tile necklaces.
have you seen these in blogland?
im sure you have!
this one is from simply modern mom
& you can see the tutorial here.
it's from 2009, but i still wanna try it.
wouldn't these make great christmas gifts for friends?

finally, my favorite thing this week is:
the fair.
i really like going.
it kinda means summer is winding down.
which hopefully means an end to this 
stinkin' hot weather already! 

that's it.
happy friday!
have a great weekend. 

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  1. Following you from "My Wee View" Fun Friday Follow.

  2. I love your childhood list! We played Barbies All. Day. Long!!

  3. I am on the Chickadee bloghop and lookie lookie who was "above" me, LOL!!
    I was like HEY-I KNOW HER:)
    Eat a corndog with lots of mustard for me at the fair!!
    I was smiling all the time reading cause I probably could have
    written that post!!
    Have a great day sweetie:)

  4. I remember my younger sister and I forcing our little brother to play barbies with us. Good times! ;)

    Following you back from Fun Follow Friday!

  5. Hi! Glad you found my blog, it's always nice to know people who understand what it's like to have a hubby who races (professional or not!)nice to "meet" you :-)

  6. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my bloggy blog! Hope you don't mind if I tag along on yours as well! Have a great weekend.

    P.S. - I too loved me some Lego and Barbie time!

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  9. found you through chickadee friday :) cute blog! you're in nursing school? I graduated with a degree in health and worked in cardiac rehab for a while and now being a mom of two, I wish I would have gone to nursing school! Good luck!!

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  12. Love all the answers! I miss family too but I have so many great memories of those times so it helps!
    Thanks for doing my Friday Fives!

    Have a great weekend!

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