Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mod Podge-Dimensional Magic Necklaces

it has been quite a while since i've posted
something crafty.
mainly, because i have been lazy busy...
but i love those cute scrabble tile necklaces that people 
are making and bottle cap necklaces.
i have seen them all over blogland & decided to try my hand at them.

for this project i used:
-mod podge.
-mod podge dimensional magic.
-bag of wooden scraps from hobby lobby.
-scrap paper and images from online.
-jump rings and chains.

have you heard of this stuff?
 i kinda love it.
it makes a glassy look on anything.
i've only used it on jewelry, but ive seen it on 
cards and scrapbook pages and it's cuuute.

so next i just printed off some images
and cut them out to fit the wooden pieces & the bottle cap.
then i just used the regular mod podge and adheared the image to the wood.

 then i punched the hole with my crop-a-dile.
the dimensional magic will NOT fill in the hole. 

*the first few time I did this I noticed my images bleeding...
so i covered the top of the image with modpodge too and that helped.

next, after it's dry, you are ready to apply the dimensional magic!
it will be cloudy as it drys, but it drys clear!
it says to let it dry 3 hours, but i recommend longer, because it
will leave fingerprints if it is not fully cured, so maybe 8 hours or so.

 here is one i did drying--see the cloudiness--it disappears :)

 here are some that are finished!

 i want to wear those 2 together. 

i love these!

 in the end, this was an easy-fun project.
but if your images bleed or you have problems, just make more.
i had to throw a few away, but i am very happy with the ones that turned out great.

have a great day! 

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  1. I saw this on a link up. I didn't know Modge Podge made a 3D adhesive. I've been using Diamond Glaze, but I had issues with bubbles because someone in my house shook it up! Oooops. Anyway, thanks for your post.

  2. I have heard of Mod Podge but I've never used it before. These necklaces came out adorable! Love love love!

  3. I love Mod Podge! Thanks for linking up today. Please remember to link back.

  4. Oh I love this!!! I definitely want to try this out! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Too cute! I'm your newest follower. ;) love the blog!!!

  6. How cute, Jessica! They turned out wonderful! :)

  7. Those look great. I really want to try that stuff. I've got to come up with some ideas to make cool dimensional stuff.

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