Thursday, August 26, 2010

If You Really Knew Me...

it's almost the weekend!
pretty exciting i have to say.
except after that, comes monday, which means 
back to school for me.

 can you tell i dread it already?

anyhoo...earlier in the week i told you about a
neat idea i saw on a cute blog.
now original is one thing i don't really claim to be...
but i love getting ideas from others.
and i saw this one earlier on Live What You Love...
see C. Mae's post here.
She has the cutest little blog and
is one of my new favorites to read after.
but her post was titled, same as this one, if you really knew me.
it's apparently after an mtv show, that i've never watched, but
i, like her, like the idea of laying it all out there.
because to me, it's the little things that make up a person.
the quirks and differences that make us our own.

if you really knew me,
you'd know that:

-90% of the time i read magazines from the back to the front. i don't know why i go backwards but i just do and i like it.

-i sleep with a blanket that someone got me when i was born! its raggedy anne
to be exact. & i love it with my whole heart. i take it camping and on vacation.

-i had my nose pierced when i was a senior in high school, but it didn't even last a year. i got tired of people asking me what was on my nose!

-my parents got divorced when i was in 8th grade and it was probably one of the hardest times in my life. when i talk about when they were together and we were
a family, it always makes me sad. 

-in high school i was on the newspaper staff and wrote the horoscopes! i love to write and being on the newspaper was dorky. all my friends would be like, why do you
waste your time with that? but i love to write and i miss doing that.

-my dad has a rare disease called myastenia gravis, where he looses muscle function swallowing and one of his eyes droops. i do research all the time to find
out things that will help him, but i feel so helpless when he looks to me for answers.

-i was in an abusive/awful relationship all thru high school and my senior year 
we finally broke up and i started dating michael and have been with
him ever since. i still have dreams that i'm living that life i used to live and 
afraid to leave the old boyfriend and i wake up and honestly feel
like i found my prince charming. i know how lucky i am to have him. 
oh yeah, and i was michaels first girl friend!
[insert awwwww here] haha.

-when i was a kid i wanted to be the first women nascar driver.
then a professional bull rider.
i never wanted a normal job & always wanted to do 
something that's never been done.
i still have my heart set on doing something extraordinary.

-i cry over the stupidest things! seriously, sometimes during commercials.
certain things just tug on my heart and i can't help it.
those pitiful dog commercials or st.jude radiothon
break my heart!

-i have broken my arms 3 times and cracked/sprained them a few more!
as a kid i was always getting hurt and never drank milk!
yikes! i hope my kids are more careful.
i actually have my arm in a cast in this picture!

some final little quirks:
-me and michael are both left handed and born in october.
-we wanna have kids one day, but not anytime in the next 3 years!
right now we are having a blast just us!
-i hate my neck! hate hate hate! esp. in pictures! gross.
-i never wear heels. i hate them. flats? please & thanks!

i hope ya'll have a super thursday!
hope this didn't bore you too much.
tomorrow is friday!
my favorite day and blog day :)


  1. Thanks for mentioning me :) that's so sweet! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love this idea! You are so cute! I'm starting a journaling type idea similiar next week. check it out! talk to you soon :)

  3. This is a super cute idea! I sleep with a blankie, too! I cannot sleep without it - when i travel, i miss it so much, lol. Also, I was a total Newspaper nerd, too - I LOVE IT and miss it! I was the editorial cartoonist for my HS paper. We didn't have a horoscope column, but man - that would've been awesome! :)

  4. I really like this idea and had a look at the blog the idea came from too.
    Good little post :) xx

  5. I read someone else's blog who did this. I love the idea and I love the show. I watched it twice and bawled the whole time.

    I sleep with a giant stuffed dog I've had since middle school I take it everywhere. 8)

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