Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Monday!

how does the weekend fly by like it does?
that's what i'd loveee to know. 
i would love to tell you that on the rainy day saturday,
i got a lot done, but i didn't.
i kinda sat around and enjoyed it. 
yesterday we went to 4wheeler race after church
& had a blast.
i tried to get some pictures, but i didn't take my camera
and my blackberry pictures=horrible.
but it was woods race so, pictures would've looked like this on from a past race:
it really was a lot of fun, only verrry hot!

so now i guess its officially august.
you know what that means?
less than a month til school starts back!!!
it makes me wanna cry a little.
it also means i have to start studying. 
i said starting in august i was starting studying because 
school starts aug. 31. 
at least im in nursing school. 
its all i ever wanted...
thats another post in itself and when i feel like getting deep,
im gonna post about it :)
but i am excited about seeing some people ive missed,
like my fab clinical group from last semester:
 i love them!!

oh and the greatest thing happened this morning,
i cooked eggs and they didn't stick!
i ran in the living room carrying the pan
and i was like, hey michael, the eggs didnt stick!!
he said cool, looks like your gettin the hang of it :)
ah-the joys of newlywed life! 

i have fun project to post later,
right now laundry is calling my name!
have a great monday!

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  1. Congrats on the eggs not sticking! I've been making them for years and they still stick. Ha ha....