Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here Comes The Sun...

somedays, it's like im mad at the world.
it seems like everything in it is messed up.
people are cruel and violence and hate are everywhere.
but, the very next day...
God opens up my eyes so I can see how amazing life is.
we have the power to do as we please.
we can lay in the grass for hours soaking up the sun if we want.
we can work or we can nap.
we can have a heart full of love or a heart full of hate.
we choose to harbor bitterness or forgiveness.
in the end, it only effects you.
we have the power to speak life or death into any situation. 

i have been known to be negative nancy on my bad days.
but most days i want to be looking up, smiling & enjoying life.
the other day on oprah, which i don't usually watch,
but i was for some reason and barbra bush was on there.
now, i'm not a bush fan or nothing but she was 
talking about her new book and something she said made me tear up a little.
on one of the pages she says something like: 
when the twins were babies and they were living on their
ranch in texas, that one evening the sun was sinking low and
she was working in the flower bed and george was sitting on the
porch steps reading the paper, she thought, 
this is the life and it was.

i think about how amazing my life is and how much i love it
and this is the life.
i have an amazing husband, who melts my heart when
he wants me to sit in the living room and watch some man movie like
the mummy, when i don't want to & he says 
"just bring a book in here, i just like you being in the same room with me"
yeah, it's things like that that make life wonderful.
so, i don't wanna wait for friday to let loose,
because friday may never come.
i really want to be the person who
doesn't save the perfume for a special occasion.
the one who dresses up on thursday to just stay home.
someone who takes way to many pictures, because she wants
to remember everyday good or bad.
the girl who tears up during sad stories or even tv commercials. 

yeah, so it's a little deep for a tuesday, but hey it's as good of day as any.
start living for today
cause really, it may be all we've got.

-have a blessed one!

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  1. beautiful words! thank you..

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