Day Zero Project

August 5, 2010  -  May 2, 2013.
101 things in 1001 days

1.      Don’t complain about anything for a week.
2.      Learn Spanish.
3.      Graduate nursing school.
4.      Volunteer.
5.      See 10 classic movies that I have never seen.
6.      Make our wedding scrapbook.
7.      Lose 15 pounds.
8.      Write a short story.
9.      Start a family tradition.
10.   Sew a purse.
11.  Influence someone else to start Project Zero.
12.  Tye-Dye socks.
13.  Get a DSLR camera.
14.  Take a photography class.
15.  Have a girl's night.
16.  Go 24 hours without my cell phone, TV or internet.
17.  Go to the zoo.
18.  See the Grand Canyon.
19.  Run a 5K.
20.  No facebook for a week!
21.  Bake someone a birthday cake.
22.  Have a candle light dinner.
23.  Get a massage.
24.  Learn to play an instrument.
25.  Visit Washington, DC.
26.  Go to 5 local restaurants that I’ve never been to.
27.  Learn to make sushi.
28.  Start an idea book.
29.  Buy flowers for someone.
30.  Make a recipe book.
31.  Go on a picnic.
32.  Win a blog giveaway.
33.  Grow a garden.
34.  Spend a day with my mom.
35.  Watch the sunrise.
36.  Make a necklace.
37.  Learn to make homemade biscuits.
38.  Go ice skating.
39.  Make rice crispy treats.
40.  Landscape our yard.
41.  Buy something from Etsy.
42.  Spend an entire weekend at home.
43.  Make a Christmas ornament.
44.  Go to Disneyworld.
45.  Go camping.
46.  Donate blood.
47.  Ride a train.
48.  Eat an orange.
49.  Go to a play.
50.  Eat no fast food for 1 month.
51.  Go to a drive-in movie.
52.  Attend a concert.
53.  Go to a TTU basketball game.
54.  Go to Supercross in Atlanta.
55.  Dye my hair a different color.
56.  Dress up for Halloween.
57.  Go to a festival (pumpkin, bluegrass..etc.)
58.  Get a puppy.
59.  Visit New York.
60.  Ride on a sub way.
61.  Go canoeing.
62.  Ride a horse.
63.  Babysit.
64.  Make a list of my 50 favorite songs.
65.  Clean out my Dad's garage for him.
66.  Read the entire Bible.
67.  Plant a tree for Arbor Day.
68.  Refresh my sign language.
69.  Go on a spontaneous road trip.
70.  Go to Israel or Egypt.
71.  Make brewed sweet tea.
72.  Get an externship.
73.  Visit a state I've never been to.
74.  Throw a surprise party for someone.
75.  Make a first aid kit for my house.
76.  Visit Savannah, GA.
77.  Light candles every night for a week.
78.  Get a MacBook.
79.  Go to an amusment park.
80.  Make a list of books I want to read.
81.  Spend a day with my Grandpa.
82.  Have a family softball game.
83.  Make a homeade soup.
84.  Pass NCLEX.
85.  Mail someone a birthday card.
86.  Paint something.
87.  Make a vinyl quote for my house.
88.  Shoot a gun.
89.  Check out a library book.
90.  Go to a scrapbook party or crop.
91.  Make a wedding album for our parents.
92.  Invite someone new to church
93.  Make an address book.
94.  Plant some flowers.
95.  Cook no boxed food for a week.
96.  Host a dinner party or card playing night.
97.  Go on an all day 4wheeler ride.
98.  Attend a NBA game.
99.  Organize the broom closet/pantry.
100.          Pick strawberries.
101.          Get home videos transferred to DVDs.