Friday, July 8, 2011

Who else loves instagram?!

i know im not the only one...
in case you don't know-
instagram is a super awesome
iphone app.
it takes your camera photos
and makes them prettiful :)

i was super stoked to stumble 
upon an awesome link party
involving my new obsession favorite app.
insert insta-friday here

”life's friday and here
are my awesome 
instagram photos for the week!
(by the way...since my camera is broken
i have been using my little iphone camera a lot more
and i actually do like it! )

made this for my nephew's
3rd birthday party
birthday boy above
and big brother andrew below

me on sunday before church

me and michael

michael at the fireworks

and finally...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


somedays I feel like my life is one big to-do list!
really it can seem that way!
but these days I have to admit
that I kinda enjoy making lists…
it keeps me on track.
I feel like I’ll remember things
although I usually still forget!

anyways…point of this
have you heard of
it’s a fabulous bunch of lists!
and I was quite inspired when I saw them
so I thought I’d share with you a few lists of my own…

Cities I’d Love To Visit

(like in Alaska, not the movie)

Movies That Always Make Me Cry
--Sweet November
(any cancer movie breaks my heart!)

(I know it’s not really sad, but I cry everytime I see it)

--Marley and Me

--My Sister’s Keeper

--8 Seconds

Weird Things I Do
Read magazines from back to front…
--Cry when I’m tired

--Write books in my head

--Always listen to music when I cook

--Think up ‘what-ifs’ all the time

there are some of my lists!
Kinda dumb but I thought it was neat.
Check out listgeek…
It’s pretty neat!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day and Randomness

today's post is not about anything new really...
just some random ramblings.
can i do that now and again?
of course i can!

soo as you may or may not know,
i started a new job for the summer as a nurse extern.
it is going really well actually
and i feel like i am learning a lot and i love it!
the first few days i wondered what i had gotten myself into
but now i really am enjoying it.
the more i am there, 
the better i feel about it.
to sum it up:
 at least i hope so...
oh yeah 12 hour days leave little blogging time!

also i want to say that i hope you all had an
awesome father's day! 
i spent some time with my dad and father-in-law 
and it was pretty good.
we really didnt do anything special
but yesterday i was sitting and thinking
how important father's day this year was to me
because i still have my dad.
i've talked before about my dad being sick and
he is actually doing a lot a lot better!
but thinking back to news year eve when i sat
at the hospital with him for 7 days while he was 
on a ventilator and machine was breathing for him...
it makes me so thankful to have him here.
i honestly didn't know if he would make it or not.
it was the scariest/worst time of my life so far.
soo i just wanted to say a few things about this guy
  • is one of the nicest/easiest going kinda guys you will ever know. 
  • taught me to forgive and not hold grudges. 
  • gives second chances and third and forth. 
  • will help anyone in need if there was anyway possible. 
  • doesn't get worked up, bent out of shape, or upset easy. 
  • let's people run over him but only because he is so nice and believes there is good in about everyone.
    • works hard and doesn't believe in taking hand outs. 
    • has always been there for me, good, bad, ugly. 
    • is my dad and i've become proud to say that because all the things we have been through.

i guess its easy to get aggravated when people
don't treat people the way we know they deserve to be treated.

and i'll sum it up with this