Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time. Well it just flys by.

Is it just me or is 2011 flying right by?
We are already 3 months in!!
I looked at my little blog today and thought,
really has it been since December since I've wrote?
Argh!!! I hate that!

Soooo, with this post I'm gonna catch you up on 
what we've been into so far this year. 
And I am also vowing to do better about blogging...

So let me see, where to start....
Well right after Christmas we took a little trip to Orlando, Florida.
It was much needed after all the stress of school.
I have family down there so we stayed with them
and went to a few theme parks and had a great time.
One of our favorite places was the Harry Potter world at Universal.
Hogwart's Express 

The Sorting Hat!

Another thing that I did was before vacation
was cut my hair!

It has grown out some since this...
I really liked it at first but now I miss my long hair!

So vacation in Orlando was super fun and we were planning
on driving back on New Years Day anyways but
New Years Eve I got a call from my family saying they
were rushing my dad to the hospital and he couldn't breathe.

Talk about scared out of my mind...being 12 hours away!
My Dad has a rare auto-immune disease called Myastenia Gravis
that attacks respiratory muscles along with swallowing muscles
and makes you just very weak.
So we got up the next day and drove home and they
had put him the Neuro ICU.
He stayed 7 days and had to be put on a ventilator but 
Thank God, he got better and got to come home.
Not a good way to start the year! 
But thankful he was doing pretty good and 
we got to throw him a surprise 50th birthday party
with lots of family and friends!

Since 2011 has been here we have also added
a few additions to this little family of ours
#1 is this guy...
Meet Jake!! 
While he may look cute and innocent here don't let him fool you.
As of right now he wrestling a stuffed hippo in the floor.
He chews....on everything!
But we love him and he hangs with us.

New addition #2 is this
The RZR!
Talk about fun? We have had tons of fun on this thing.
And we have had it only about a month.
It's so great that Me, Michael and Jake can
get on this thing together and go all day.
So expect more pictures for our rides in the future :)

Gosh, I guess that's about all that's new here.
Still going to school of course and trying to get a 
Nurse Externship job for the summer, hope it works out.
Other than all  the above we have just had tons and tons of snow!
While it may look pretty, it makes me think yuck!
I am ready for some summer!
It's suppose to be in the 70's so let's cross our fingers.

I hope every one of you have a blessed day! 
Thanks for reading!