Tuesday, June 28, 2011


somedays I feel like my life is one big to-do list!
really it can seem that way!
but these days I have to admit
that I kinda enjoy making lists…
it keeps me on track.
I feel like I’ll remember things
although I usually still forget!

anyways…point of this
have you heard of
it’s a fabulous bunch of lists!
and I was quite inspired when I saw them
so I thought I’d share with you a few lists of my own…

Cities I’d Love To Visit

(like in Alaska, not the movie)

Movies That Always Make Me Cry
--Sweet November
(any cancer movie breaks my heart!)

(I know it’s not really sad, but I cry everytime I see it)

--Marley and Me

--My Sister’s Keeper

--8 Seconds

Weird Things I Do
Read magazines from back to front…
--Cry when I’m tired

--Write books in my head

--Always listen to music when I cook

--Think up ‘what-ifs’ all the time

there are some of my lists!
Kinda dumb but I thought it was neat.
Check out listgeek…
It’s pretty neat!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day and Randomness

today's post is not about anything new really...
just some random ramblings.
can i do that now and again?
of course i can!

soo as you may or may not know,
i started a new job for the summer as a nurse extern.
it is going really well actually
and i feel like i am learning a lot and i love it!
the first few days i wondered what i had gotten myself into
but now i really am enjoying it.
the more i am there, 
the better i feel about it.
to sum it up:
 at least i hope so...
oh yeah 12 hour days leave little blogging time!

also i want to say that i hope you all had an
awesome father's day! 
i spent some time with my dad and father-in-law 
and it was pretty good.
we really didnt do anything special
but yesterday i was sitting and thinking
how important father's day this year was to me
because i still have my dad.
i've talked before about my dad being sick and
he is actually doing a lot a lot better!
but thinking back to news year eve when i sat
at the hospital with him for 7 days while he was 
on a ventilator and machine was breathing for him...
it makes me so thankful to have him here.
i honestly didn't know if he would make it or not.
it was the scariest/worst time of my life so far.
soo i just wanted to say a few things about this guy
  • is one of the nicest/easiest going kinda guys you will ever know. 
  • taught me to forgive and not hold grudges. 
  • gives second chances and third and forth. 
  • will help anyone in need if there was anyway possible. 
  • doesn't get worked up, bent out of shape, or upset easy. 
  • let's people run over him but only because he is so nice and believes there is good in about everyone.
    • works hard and doesn't believe in taking hand outs. 
    • has always been there for me, good, bad, ugly. 
    • is my dad and i've become proud to say that because all the things we have been through.

i guess its easy to get aggravated when people
don't treat people the way we know they deserve to be treated.

and i'll sum it up with this