Monday, December 20, 2010

Long time no see?

hellllooo friends!
it's been a long time- too long. 
school just took all my time & my soul
and ran away with it.
nursing school is one intense ride, but I am happy
to be out for a whole 3 weeks. wooo!!

so i hope ya'll have been being crafty 
and doing lots of blogging because I have soo many
blogs to read and catch up on over the break.
along with many many crafts to do :)
but first i'll be wrapping christmas presents 
and trying to finish all that up.

i thought i'd try to do a fun post to catch you up on
what we have been up to......only it's not very much!
other than putting this up!
haha I loveee me some Christmas
& I can't believe it's almost here.

I found this on a blog so by no means do
i take credit for it and if it happens to be 
yours let me know and ill happily give you the credit.
it's super cute!

Have a great day! 
Do something kind and check out
It's a super great blog!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just An Update

it's been soooo long....
go ahead, tell me how awful i am.
school is killing me.
the stress is more than my body can take.
all i do is drink coffee, eat junk food, study and cry.
no time for blogging.
but on a happier note.
i have a whole 2 days off for fall break!
& i am happy to inform you that 
i am spending them relaxing, taking it easy, napping...
you get the picture.

i should start by saying that today's post is 
completely, 100%, totally just
yep. just talkin about what comes to mind.
and i guess i'll start by filling you in on what we've been
up to lately, besides studying and school,
which really hasn't been much!
but you should know that yesterday friends i turned a year older.
23 years alive i celebrated!
 i feel very blessed to be given this life
as stressful as it may be sometimes.
i want for nothing and i have lots of reasons to smile. 

another thing that you might think is pretty fun is that
2 weeks ago me and my wonderful sister went to 
the annual bark in the park
and we took our puppies!
check out our awesome picture

 Maggie and Elle had a ball!!

Lastly, before i have to go get dinner ready,
i just want to thank each and everyone of you who read
this little blog of mine.
it's really a nice thing and i enjoy it.
and over christmas break ima really blog my heart out,
but for now it's just gotta be every now and then.

i leave you with my pretty halloween flag!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life is Still Good...

Life is still good & i've got to still be happy.

that's what i've been telling my self for this week.
it has been a tough one.
its all nursing school junk.
but before i get into it, i've decided to tell you
my nursing school story.

just a warning: it could be lengthy!

anyways, lets start back to freshman year at college.
i knew i wanted to be a nurse.
yep-i'm one of those who never changed majors.
i got a scholarship for my first 2 years that paid for everything
at a community college and i took it.
at community college, i did good.
a's and b's and all that and then it came time to apply
for upper division aka TTU School Of Nursing.
it is really tough to get into this place....
they only take 50ish students a semester and like everyone wants in!
TTU is in my hometown and other RN, BSN programs
would be a loooong drive and i really didn't want to move!

anyways- i applied with hopes to get in and
i got my big fat rejection letter.
i retook a couple classes and transfered to TTU just to take some 
classes to get my GPA up. 
that is all they look at when it comes to admission--GPA!!
So i thought, well i'll just be a semester behind.
next semester comes to an end and i apply and
yep you guessed it- DENIED.
i was pretty heart broken and already a year behind.
i thought well, i've got to try again.
nevertheless i did and i really had confidence i was going to get it.
and i didn't.
i mean i was on vacation and my mom opened it 
and called and told me i was heart broken.

so here we are with 3 denial letter.
already 1.5 year behind.
i knew i had to go somewhere else.
i applied and MTSU and got accepted to start in January.
MTSU is about an hour away and i was gonna try and drive it.
i was super excited just be starting nursing school,
but scared to death to drive that far every day.
me and michael were planning our wedding and
moving was out of the question.
i had already got my lottery scholarship transfered to MTSU
and it was finals week in December when i got the call.
The call was from TTU.
They said some people didn't make the grades to get in and 
if i still wanted to come that they had a spot.
I screamed
I was sooo excited!!!!
i knew it was going to be tough because that is what it is known for,
but i was prepared to work.
school started and work i did!
1st semester was tough!
i studied, worked and somehow passed.
i was thrilled to have passed all my classes 1st semester.

fast forward to now-
second semester.
it is hard!
i failed my first test, badly and i was so discouraged!
yeah that was yesterday.
i've got to study harder and work at it
and that is just what i plan on doing.
after crying and being upset--i've realized
i just have to move on and do better.

it feels good to just write it all out.
i know after this semester i'll be a senior 
 and next Christmas, i'll be graduating.
i just gotta get there.
i'm not giving up.
i want this tooo bad!
now im off to study.
prayers appreciated. 
thanks for reading!

ps: my background on my computer!

 have a great day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Yours

hello lovelees.
who has been a horrible blogger lately?
oh yeah, that's me.
i have to tell you that it may or may not have to do
with the following: 

1. i may or may not have been spending time with this bundle of joy
yeah, she's my new beautiful little cousin!

2. i spend too much of my time hittin' the books.
which i am taking a break from at the moment.
i have med/surg 2 and patho test monday :(

3. i definitely have been trying to sleep as much as possible.
lately that is not much :(
but today friends, today it actually feels a bit like fall.
not 95 degrees, more like 75 today, so after i study
a little bit more
i'm going to enjoy it.
by doing some of this

so have a great day friends!
think happy thoughts of fall today :)
thoughts of: 
pumpkin rolls,
yellow leaves,
halloween costumes,
and cooler days ahead!
here's a cute picture to get you started!  
(from we heart it)

much love!  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Addition!

newest addition to my family
a new baby cousin 
was born today!!
she's amazing.
mahala raine
7lbs and 19in.

 here she is with her proud grandma :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Owls!

happy wednesday!
for this week wordless wednesday:
i think they are sooo cute and
i need one of those owl necklaces in my life :)
have a great day! 

images via

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Alive and Well

it's friday! 
it feels so good to be at home today and not at school.
too bad i have 1 million things to catch up on.
my to-do list for today is a mile long.
but all i want to do is sit and relax. 

since it is friday after all i'm gonna be doing 
my usual friday bloggy things :) 
starting with

 And the questions are:

1. Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself?
haha, my husband does a good enough job at that.
just kidding-kinda. 
yeah i do feel guilty and i hardly ever buy things for myself
unless it's a really good deal or at a yard sale.
but expensive things? that rarely ever happens.

2. How well do you know your neighbors?
eh-not too good i suppose. 
the one's on the right are pretty shady.
across the road, we know them fairly well. they're real nice.
and on the other side is a mechanic shop where we know the guys who own it.
when my husband is MIA, that's where i find him.
3. What age are you looking forward to being?
whatever age when i graduate. haha.
actually ill be 24 then.
but i like being 22--23 next month.
it's a good age. 
4. Do you get excited when the mail comes? Why?
oh yeah. realllly excited.
usually because i sign up for freebies and free samples.
i love when they come in.
but when i run out there and just
find junk mail and bills--i'm sad.
5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
probably pre-school.
i broke my arm when i was 3 and i vaguely remember that.
you've seen the picture so i wont post it again! haha.
okay kids-now on to:
friday favorites!  
 here i just post some of my favorite things for the week :)
 & this week a few things i'm loving are:

1. long hair.
like this.
i lovee gossip girl.

2. all things fall! 
i can't wait for days like this!

3. birthday things.
monday is my bestie's bday.
i'm gonna make her a card and some cupcakes!

ima quotes addict.
always have been.
5.  maggie mae
she lives with my mom bc she stayed when i got married.
but we kept her last weekend and i love her soo.
she's a sweetie
have a wonderful weekend.
love. love. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heart Strings...


first and foremost i want to thank you all.
it has been a very crazy 2 weeks since school started back
and i appreciate ya'll stickin' around.
it means the most to know that people read what you write
and that maybe, just maybe, they enjoy it.
so a big ol' thank you to you readers!

i thought of doing a wordless wednesday because they are
sorta my favorite...but
i had a kind of inspiring/eye opening day.
and lately i've had a lot on my mind that i just wanted to talk about.
ever know how that feels?

well today i spent on a drug rehab-28 day program 
as part of my nursing clinical rotation.
we got to go to the group meetings with them and see/hear
what goes on while they stay there.
but we also got to spend one-on-one time with a client and hear their story.
the great thing about this place is that it is all voluntary.
so they can leave at anytime they want.
which kinda means to me that most of the ppl there really want help.
no one is forcing them to go or stay there.

today while watching, talking and listening with these patients 
a few things were going thru my mind.
first of all, they are pitiful. a lot of them have lost it all.
something that started out as social or partying on the weekends,
slowly took away their lives.
their kids, families, jobs, things they loved.
these people were normal.
they weren't bad people, they just made bad choices.
another thing i noticed was that they all have a long way to go.
no wonder people relapse?!
when you have lost it all and have nothing,
you really have a long way to go as far as recovery.
it's a longtime/lifelong process. 
but like the saying goes,
nothing that is worth it, is ever easy.

hearing their heartbreaking stories and seeing their determination
tugged on my heart. 
like a lot.
it makes me see that we are all human.
flawed, unperfect, wondering around, just trying to make it. 
and thank you GOD for 2nd chances + more.

just remember it's never too late to make it right.
we all start somewhere and life is to short to be anything but happy.
so live in the sunshine and not in the dark.
smile and laugh and try not to worry.
get pleasure from the simple things
like your favorite song, ice cream or big bear hugs.
thru all the hurt and the pain that this life can sometime bring,
all I know is that I try to keep in the back of my mind that:

Life's Good, Be Happy!

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