Monday, December 20, 2010

Long time no see?

hellllooo friends!
it's been a long time- too long. 
school just took all my time & my soul
and ran away with it.
nursing school is one intense ride, but I am happy
to be out for a whole 3 weeks. wooo!!

so i hope ya'll have been being crafty 
and doing lots of blogging because I have soo many
blogs to read and catch up on over the break.
along with many many crafts to do :)
but first i'll be wrapping christmas presents 
and trying to finish all that up.

i thought i'd try to do a fun post to catch you up on
what we have been up to......only it's not very much!
other than putting this up!
haha I loveee me some Christmas
& I can't believe it's almost here.

I found this on a blog so by no means do
i take credit for it and if it happens to be 
yours let me know and ill happily give you the credit.
it's super cute!

Have a great day! 
Do something kind and check out
It's a super great blog!