Monday, October 18, 2010

Just An Update

it's been soooo long....
go ahead, tell me how awful i am.
school is killing me.
the stress is more than my body can take.
all i do is drink coffee, eat junk food, study and cry.
no time for blogging.
but on a happier note.
i have a whole 2 days off for fall break!
& i am happy to inform you that 
i am spending them relaxing, taking it easy, napping...
you get the picture.

i should start by saying that today's post is 
completely, 100%, totally just
yep. just talkin about what comes to mind.
and i guess i'll start by filling you in on what we've been
up to lately, besides studying and school,
which really hasn't been much!
but you should know that yesterday friends i turned a year older.
23 years alive i celebrated!
 i feel very blessed to be given this life
as stressful as it may be sometimes.
i want for nothing and i have lots of reasons to smile. 

another thing that you might think is pretty fun is that
2 weeks ago me and my wonderful sister went to 
the annual bark in the park
and we took our puppies!
check out our awesome picture

 Maggie and Elle had a ball!!

Lastly, before i have to go get dinner ready,
i just want to thank each and everyone of you who read
this little blog of mine.
it's really a nice thing and i enjoy it.
and over christmas break ima really blog my heart out,
but for now it's just gotta be every now and then.

i leave you with my pretty halloween flag!