Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't Go There- Ten Summer Don'ts

holiday weekend?
i think so!!
pretty excited to get spend some family time
and hopefully enjoy some fun in the sun
and i wish you the very same thing!
 today's post are some tips of things you 
definitely don't wanna do this weekend 
or any other this summer!
 i got the idea for today's post while
reading through some blogs and 
when i read it it-i cracked up.
so i thought i'd write up something fun
and do it as well.
so here we go.
Don't Go There:
10 Summer DON'TS
1. DONT: Sleep the summer away!
I know with the summer holidays, camping trips and vacations that is tempting
to sleep til 11 am in the morning when you don't have to work. But come on
people summer only comes around once a year, no need to waste it! 

2. DON'T: Get sloshed (drunk) and participate in summer activities like camping, cookouts, etc and forget important things like...your married!
I've seen it more than once! People go to these summer festivities, have too much to drink and before you know it their throwing themselves on every person there of the opposite sex! It's disgusting and embarrassing- save yourself the shame. 

3. DON'T: Forget the sunscreen!
If your pale or even semi-pale and know that your going to be out all day in the hot sun, don't be crazy and think your not gonna get burnt! It's not pretty when you look like a lobster the next day! Not to mention unhealthy!

4. DON'T: Use the pool as a bathroom.
If your a kid it's one thing I guess, but adults? Don't be lazy, get out of the pool, get a towel or pee in the toilet! Or by a tree if you are a man. For goodness sakes kids get that water in their mouths and it's in your hair! I don't care if it does have a filter, it's still gross.

5. DON'T: Forget to shave: Especially the arm-pits!
I don't think there is anything more yuck than a girl with 2 inches of arm hair under their arms. I know I don't shave my legs near enough but it's not nasty sweaty under arm hair. Just do us all a favor and take 30 seconds to swipe em' with a razor before puttin' on that tank-top!

6. DON'T: Have your phone, camera, etc. by the water.
If it's not water proof then leave it somewhere besides right by the water. I speak from experience and it's just not worth it to ruin your $200 camera on the first day of vacation because it gets water in it. 

7. DON'T: Plan something every weekend.
Leave a few free to be spontaneous. Decide to go camping at the last minute or have a bon-fire with some friends. I've never been a Peggy Planner type of person anyway but it's easy to let summer activities fill the calender. Sometimes the best fun happens on a whim!

8.  DON'T: Expect floats from the dollar store to last all summer.
It just doesn't happen. Even the cheap little blow-up rafts at wal-mart don't last more then 4-5 trips...if that. It kills me to see people who blow their things up at home and drag them to the river over rocks and everything and then get mad when they bust!'s gonna happen- you gave 2 bucks for it!

9. DON'T: Skip 4 weeks on mowing your grass.
To my neighbors, who think that because you don't have to mow in the winter that 1 or 2 times in the summer is all you need to mow. There are probably snakes in that 2ft tall grass in your yard. It's unsafe and unsightly...

10: DON'T: Forget to take pictures!
Make the summer a memorable one and take lots of pictures. 
ahhh i wish my hair was this long again :(

Have a great weekend kids!
Be safe and have lotssss of fun!