Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's another word for Random?

hello friends!
it's thursday, thank goodness.
i honestly wasn't sure i'd make it here this week.
i started back to nursing school as you know and 
it has been craziness for me. 
but i thought i'd do a little random/update post tonite.

ttu school of nursing might be the death of me.
okay not really, but it is seriously some kinda hard.
oh well it will be worth it in the end when
i can actually write jessica waters, rn, bsn!
i can't wait for that day.
today we learned about how to start ivs and i actually started one
on a dummy, but hey i got it in the "vein".
im gonna be super nervous the first time doing it on a human!

i am currently dog sitting for my mom
while she is gone to the beach (lucky).
but i love miss maggie mae and im so excited she is staying
with us for a few days.

saturday michael is ridin in a race about an hour
away and im pretty stoked about it.
i loveeeee going to races
and he has such a great time doing it.
i just hope he does good and stays safe!

i miss crafting!
i haven't really done anything in like 2 weeks.
that's what school does,
take over your life.
but over this wonderful holiday weekend i plan to make 
a few things so hopefully ill at least finish
one of them and ill have some pics to show you!

have a great weekend!
be safe and celebrate with the ones you love.
soak up the last moments of summer &
get ready for some fall.
(ps: i want this print, it's from theloveshop on etsy!)


  1. Good luck with your school! Also, I can't believe the summer is already over!

  2. The Dog is the cutest ever :), nursing is hard, my friend was always so tierd after placements. And you have a good weeeken too xx