Monday, September 6, 2010

Laborless day-I wish!

woo-hoo for the holiday.
no school is reason enough for me to celebrate!
and that's what ima do after studying some patho :(

to start this lovely labor day morning off,
i made me a big, nice, HOT cup of coffee.
i was leaned over messing with the coffee maker when....
yep you guessed it,
knocked it over all over me!
nothing like a nice burn down your side to get the morning started.
 im okay it just hurt like crazy and now i have a blister.

michael got 2nd as his race-thing on saturday
& we had a blast!
only at night it is really startin' to get cool here
but i lovee that autumn is on the way.
yay for bon fires and smores.
yay for fallings leaves and snuggly sweaters.

i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.
i'm gonna go try and enjoy it a lil'
love. love.


  1. Ouch! Coffee burns just make you want coffee even more don't they? I do it a little too often. Congrats to hubby on second place! Have a great rest of the day!

  2. Oh no! I hope the burn wasn't too bad. I swear, I burn myself in the kitchen about once a month.