Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life is Still Good...

Life is still good & i've got to still be happy.

that's what i've been telling my self for this week.
it has been a tough one.
its all nursing school junk.
but before i get into it, i've decided to tell you
my nursing school story.

just a warning: it could be lengthy!

anyways, lets start back to freshman year at college.
i knew i wanted to be a nurse.
yep-i'm one of those who never changed majors.
i got a scholarship for my first 2 years that paid for everything
at a community college and i took it.
at community college, i did good.
a's and b's and all that and then it came time to apply
for upper division aka TTU School Of Nursing.
it is really tough to get into this place....
they only take 50ish students a semester and like everyone wants in!
TTU is in my hometown and other RN, BSN programs
would be a loooong drive and i really didn't want to move!

anyways- i applied with hopes to get in and
i got my big fat rejection letter.
i retook a couple classes and transfered to TTU just to take some 
classes to get my GPA up. 
that is all they look at when it comes to admission--GPA!!
So i thought, well i'll just be a semester behind.
next semester comes to an end and i apply and
yep you guessed it- DENIED.
i was pretty heart broken and already a year behind.
i thought well, i've got to try again.
nevertheless i did and i really had confidence i was going to get it.
and i didn't.
i mean i was on vacation and my mom opened it 
and called and told me i was heart broken.

so here we are with 3 denial letter.
already 1.5 year behind.
i knew i had to go somewhere else.
i applied and MTSU and got accepted to start in January.
MTSU is about an hour away and i was gonna try and drive it.
i was super excited just be starting nursing school,
but scared to death to drive that far every day.
me and michael were planning our wedding and
moving was out of the question.
i had already got my lottery scholarship transfered to MTSU
and it was finals week in December when i got the call.
The call was from TTU.
They said some people didn't make the grades to get in and 
if i still wanted to come that they had a spot.
I screamed
I was sooo excited!!!!
i knew it was going to be tough because that is what it is known for,
but i was prepared to work.
school started and work i did!
1st semester was tough!
i studied, worked and somehow passed.
i was thrilled to have passed all my classes 1st semester.

fast forward to now-
second semester.
it is hard!
i failed my first test, badly and i was so discouraged!
yeah that was yesterday.
i've got to study harder and work at it
and that is just what i plan on doing.
after crying and being upset--i've realized
i just have to move on and do better.

it feels good to just write it all out.
i know after this semester i'll be a senior 
 and next Christmas, i'll be graduating.
i just gotta get there.
i'm not giving up.
i want this tooo bad!
now im off to study.
prayers appreciated. 
thanks for reading!

ps: my background on my computer!

 have a great day!


  1. Being a Nurse Isn't like being a teacher. my mister wonderful is a nurse and I am glad the bar is held so high up for y'all because you tend to people's LIVES which is so crucial!!! Good luck studying girlie you can do it!!!

  2. I love your computer background quote. I may have to borrow it because sometimes we need a little reminder. Three words for you: Hang.In.There! I just graduated nursing school in May. It was tough! I failed an exam and came pretty close on a couple of others but still managed to graduate with honors. My last instructor told us to remember this little equation: C=RN. I'm not saying to not strive for making an A or B, but don't beat yourself up over a C or two because some bad nurses had great grades and some nurse who made "average" grades are great nurses. You can do this!