Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Yours

hello lovelees.
who has been a horrible blogger lately?
oh yeah, that's me.
i have to tell you that it may or may not have to do
with the following: 

1. i may or may not have been spending time with this bundle of joy
yeah, she's my new beautiful little cousin!

2. i spend too much of my time hittin' the books.
which i am taking a break from at the moment.
i have med/surg 2 and patho test monday :(

3. i definitely have been trying to sleep as much as possible.
lately that is not much :(
but today friends, today it actually feels a bit like fall.
not 95 degrees, more like 75 today, so after i study
a little bit more
i'm going to enjoy it.
by doing some of this

so have a great day friends!
think happy thoughts of fall today :)
thoughts of: 
pumpkin rolls,
yellow leaves,
halloween costumes,
and cooler days ahead!
here's a cute picture to get you started!  
(from we heart it)

much love!  


  1. i love your posts! they always inspire me to have a great day! haha