Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time....where have you gone?

Wow... I know it has been quite a while since I have written, but since school started, I have had zeroooo time. I spend all day at school and my evenings studying and trying to get a little work in. I hear people say, "It's already almost February?!" And I think its only February? Haha. I really enjoy nursing school. I am learning my little heart out! I feel like I am right where I belong. I just stay confused 99.9% of the time, but it's not usually about the material, it is about what day is a test for this class and when is lab? I feel so unorganized but my planner is full of things written on every day! I am so worried I am going to come into class one day and we are suppose to have something done and I won't have it done. Fortunately, everyone is pretty helpful, there is just SO much stuff going on all at once, it's pretty intense. I go to my first clinical tomorrow at NHC. Pretty excited/nervous, but I'm sure it will go good. far as other things go, is there anything to update you on? Let me think... We have decided to have my bridal shower over Spring Break, that Saturday, I, i think it may be March 14th?  I'm not sure.  That's what me and Mom talked about the other day anyways. I am excited about but it's not like I have time to really think about. I told her I just really wanted to make the invites because I have a really cute cricut cartridge I can make them's just finding the time to do it. She keeps telling me to make a list of people to invite, I keep telling her I will, but I have yet to do Maybe this weekend if it snow I'll find the time. I am planning to call a cake lady this week so maybe I will do that this evening. Michael wants to get one from Wal-Mart. haha. I don't know...decisions, decisions.  A couple of little wedding pictures to leave you with, not that you care because your not planning a wedding, but it's the only half-way interesting thing I have to share...:)

Here is a monogram I made for us. Eh, I'm not sure how crazy I am about it, but they're really time consuming and I want to put it on like our programs and such so I may stick with it. 

This is a Wedding Map that someone on Etsy sells. It is the cutest thing I think, but its $110 for her to make one for you!??!?! But I would love to have one. Maybe I can find time to make one or talk someone into making one for me...any takers????

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day!

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