Friday, January 8, 2010

First Day of Blogging- Mostly about wedding cakes!

Alright, so it's the first day of blogging. I have officially decided to take this on, on top of many many other things. I decided to call my blog Student Nurse Bride because those are the things that takes up the most things in my life right now and that is what I will be talking about most of the time Nursing School and the wedding. I'll probably share with y'all some about the house too, because it is really coming along and looking good. It is still hard for me to believe we will be living there in a few months, but I am very excited!

So I guess today I will talk about wedding stuff! W
hile I have been off for Christmas break I have tried to get some stuff done for the wedding but it has really been hard to get motivated but I actually did get some stuff done. I will take some pictures and post later. One reason I wanted to make this blog was so I could look back after the wedding and see the progress that I had made planning the wedding. I am trying to do as much stuff as I can myself, oh but it takes so much time. I still haven't really decided on someone to make the cake. I know I really need to, seeing that it is like 4 months out...:( I dunno I am just being picky I guess. Here is some cake inspiration pictures that I have though, we when do pick our baker that I'm going to show her/him!

Michael wants a square cake. I really don't care, a
s long as it has polka dots! ha ha! Michael's favorite is the one that is square and green with the big white polka dots and the bow on top, top left, and I really like it too. But of course ours will be in different colors because our colors are Pink(like fuchsia/watermelon), Black, White. I like all of these but I picked them all out and let him choose from them! :) The tool box cake is what I want for his groom's cake. It was going to be a surprise but he saw in on my computer while we were looking thru cake pictures somehow. I was so sad! Anyways- Tell me what your favorite cake is, any comments appreciated, if you know any good bakers close by who makes good wedding cakes, let me know! Thanks for reading!

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